Wool Pads Wool Pads

Complete line of 100% wool and blended cutting and polishing pads including the new foamed wool line.

Types of Wool
Foam Pads Foam Pads

Choose from a variety of sizes, surface shapes and foam formulations to handle virtually every cutting, polishing and finishing application.

Types of Foam
Backing Plates Backing Plates

Flexible, High-Strength backing plates for all types of machines.

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OEM/Industrial OEM/Industrial

Complete buffing/polishing systems for multiple OEM and Industrial applications.

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Specialty Products Specialty Products

Variety of cleaning and polishing accessories for special tasks; including glass/plastic restoration kits, wash mitts, applicators, Wool balls and Scuff balls™.

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Pad Cleaning Accessories Pad Cleaning Accessories

Our patented buffer powered pad washer effectively cleans and conditions both foam and wool pads. Regular cleaning and conditioning improves performance and extends the useful life of pads.

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