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Car Detailing - Washing

Posted by Brian Poulsen. Filed under Buffing Techniques.
July 15, 2009

Washing – There are many methods for washing a car.  A good recommendation is using the “two – bucket” method.  This involves one bucket for washing and one bucket for rinsing.  This prevents dirt that is washed from a vehicle to be reapplied.  A vehicle should always be washed in the shade. Softened or deionized water should be used whenever possible to prevent “spotting.”  “Spotting” is caused by the minerals in the water drying on the vehicle surface.

If water is not easily accessible, there are many “rinse-less” washes on the market.  These are products which are diluted with water and the vehicle is washed in a panel by panel motion and then dried in the same fashion.  Many people use this method when they are in water-restricting areas or also in their garages in winter.  Next topic will be soaps.


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