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Tufted Foam Pads

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Foam Pads.
August 15, 2011

Many shops and DIYer’s have been calling and asking about our tufted foam pads.  These pads are designed for rotary buffing machine use only.  What’s great about these pads is there are hundreds of “foam fingers” tufted into the backing material.  These foam fingers cause the pad to run cool, reducing the chance of burning the paint.  With all of these fingers, there is about 9 times the contact area as a similar size foam pad.  They provide a swirl free finish which can be difficult on a rotary machine.  They are available in four different aggressions levels.  Yellow is cutting, Orange is light cutting, White is polishing and Blue is finishing.  Ask your supplier about them today!

Eric Dunn

Account Manager

Technical Support

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