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Washing Microfiber Towels

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Pad Care.
May 1, 2012

Since microfiber towels are a huge item in cleaning and detailing, many people call the office here and ask how do I wash them.  Since Microfiber is 100% plastic, care must be taken when washing.  When I wash mine after they are separated, I throw them in the wash machine and wash with hot water.  Normally they get divided between my really good towels and generic towels.  The good towels are for the painted surface of a vehicle, and the generic towels are for rims, jambs, interior, etc.  Once they are in the machine and water is set to hot, I use Tide brand soap.  Just the normal Tide unless you feel you need for your towels to smell nice.  I also add distilled white vinegar into the bleach cup on the machine.  Once they go through their washing process, I throw them in the dryer to remove 80% of the water so they are just a bit damp.  I let them air dry and then fold then and put them into my cabinet.  You probably could completely dry them, but I have noticed that they become a bit more rough.  I hope this helps everyone to maintain their towels for a long time.


Eric Dunn

Account Manager

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