Why Choose Microfiber Pads for Detailing: Lake Country FAQ

The LC team gets a lot of questions about which pads work best for various detailing jobs.  In this new blog feature, we’ll be answering some of those Frequently Asked Questions.  Here’s the answer to one FAQ:  Why Choose Microfiber Pads for Detailing?

Microfiber pads have easily become one of the most talked about and “go-to” cutting pads for DA polishers in the market. Fibrous and/or short pile fiber pads like LC microfiber pads are an effective and efficient choice in the paint correction process.  Lake Country Manufacturing has the only 3 pad microfiber system in the industry that uses a specific material blend for each pad.  Our unique pad line up gives detailers perfect results every time. 

Microfiber pads are a blend of polyester and polyamide, but it is the filament size of microfiber is what makes it so unique and effective.   By using proprietary blends of microfiber and special bonding materials, we engineered our Lake Country microfiber pads to be extremely durable and to last longer than any others.  Our innovative blend of materials provide an amazing finishing ability for a haze free luster.

The materials used in creating microfiber pads are measured by deniers – a unit of density based on the length and weight of a yarn or fiber. General sewing thread is roughly 225 denier, and a single strand of silk is considered 1 denier.  Microfiber strands are a fraction of a denier – so microfiber strands can be thinner than silk. In fact, microfiber strands can be split to 1/100th the size of a human hair.  

The huge number of strands that can be used to create a microfiber pad provide more surface area for bonding of abrasives, creating the ideal pad for heavy cutting with a DA polisher.  The softness of microfiber, paired with the short fiber length provides a finish that is equal to or better than a foam pad when used for cutting or polishing on a DA polisher. See our online catalog for more details on Lake Country’s Microfiber Pads.  

To locate a retailer who sells Lake Country Manufacturing pads, check out our Worldwide Where to Buy tool.

Have your own question about choosing the best LC pads for your work?  You can always reach out to our Technical Support team directly at tech.help@lakecountrymfg.com  or, leave a comment below and perhaps we’ll include your question in an upcoming post here on the Detail Bay blog.



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