Ultimate Cutting – Purple Foamed Wool Pads

The Lake Country Purple Foamed Wool Pad is engineered based upon our decades of experience and groundbreaking innovation. We have created something that truly moves the industry forward while both making the lives of our detailers much easier and ensuring they deliver the most quality work possible.

Wool pads have long been the detailer’s go-to when buffing heavy defects or hard paints, as they offer the highest level of cut when you are up against some of the most challenging work of your career. However, we all know they have a tendency to cake up with the multitude of different compounds you may utilize while becoming worn and matted over time. This greatly reduces the cushioning between the polisher and the paint surface, creating undesirable results or causing a reduction in efficiency.

Because of this, Lake Country decided to solve any problems with wool pads before they happen by creating the Purple Foamed Wool Pad. What exactly is this pad? Let us walk you through the science behind it for a better understanding into its benefit.

Foamed Wool Innovation

In order to combat the possibility of damage done by traditional wool pads after they have been heavily used, we worked to introduce a proprietary nano-foaming process, implemented in our distinctive Purple Foamed Wool pad and its counterpart, the Blue Hybrid pad. By encapsulating the base of the lambswool fibers with microscopic poly foam particles, we have created a wool pad that feels and functions like no other pad on the market.

Our Purple Foam Wool Pad retains the ultimate cutting ability found in traditional wool pads while simultaneously enhanced by a foaming element that keeps your compound nearer the surface. The foaming element adds a comfortable and progressive cushioning to your buffing process – it ‘squishes’ like a foam pad – which helps reduce the possibilities of leftover holograms or hazing on the vehicle’s finish, thus saving you time and effort at the next polishing stage.

Do not let its softness fool you; you can and will still use the Purple Foam Wool Pad when tackling deeper and harder defects.

Who is the Purple Foamed Wool Pad Designed For?

Our purple foamed wool pads are available in ¼”, ¾” and 1” pile thicknesses, with backings available from 3” to 7 ½”. The diversity in thicknesses means that there is a Purple Foamed Wool Pad available to suit rotary and dual-action machine use, in a multitude of different applications!

With that being said, why not give one a try? Visit LakeCountryMFG.com to locate one of our distributors and pick one up for your shop today!


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