Knitted Wool Pads by Lake Country Manufacturing

As one of the first pads ever offered by Lake Country Manufacturing, we’ve tested and developed the best line up of premium knitted wool pads in the industry.   They’re similar to natural sheepskin pads and have an increased cutting ability.  However, unlike natural sheepskin, these knitted wool pads  by Lake Country will have consistent performance from pad to pad.  Learn more about the entire knitted wool line in our new overview video on our YouTube channel. Product Line Highlight:  Purple Foamed Wool Our purple foamed wool pad is a classic favorite for a lot of detailers!  The proprietary foaming process helps hold…

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Boat Detailing Using Lake Country Pads

Boat detailing uses some of the same techniques and products as automotive detailing, as well as some that are made just for marine applications.  Here’s a boat that needed some attention! Autogeek’s Director of Training Mike Phillips shares the story of bringing the finish on this 1985 Cougar MTR Tunnel Hull back to life – or, as Mike says – from neglected to protected. For this project, the team used Lake Country wool pads, as well as Force Hybrid Foam Cutting pads to compound and polish.  They also used Marine 31 products, a dedicated line of waxes, cleaners and polishes…

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