Unboxing the UDOS 51E: Early Tester Videos

Several detailing pros who’ve been testing the UDOS 51E  recently shared videos with their initial thoughts on the revolution new tool. Check out Kelly Harris’ video here on the LC Power Tools YouTube page. Renny Doyle also tested UDOS 51E, check out his early evaluation here. Barry Theal of SB Coatings also tested the 5-in-1 tool, and share his thoughts in this video. Want to learn more about the UDOS 51E?  Check out our website.  

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LC Power Tools Introduces New UDO Pad Line to Complement the 5-in-1 UDOS 51E

Newly Designed 3 Pad System LC Power Tools introduces an all-new UDO pad line designed and engineered by Lake Country Manufacturing to provide maximum performance on the new UDOS 51E .  The simple 3 pad system includes a micro wool cutting pad (cream), foam light cutting pad (olive) and a foam polishing pad (khaki).  Each of the new 5 inch UDO pads work using any of UDOS 51E’s cutting and polishing settings, including 12, 15 and 21 mm DA and rotary.   The two new UDO foam pads have an exclusive foam formulation and a unique shape to work on the…

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