Top 5 Detailing Tools for Beginners

Detailing; is it an art, a science, or a bit of both? Whatever your opinion, we all know that detailers worldwide just want to get the best possible results as effectively and efficiently as possible. With that in mind, Kelly Harris, our new Global Director of Training, explains how getting the basics right will quickly set you on a path to detailing nirvana, and it begins with what's in your toolbox. "First," Kelly explains, "it's important to understand that nothing beats education and experience when it comes to getting great results. Taking classes will be a huge help, and while...

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Do’s and Dont’s of Pad Cleaning

What’s the best way to clean your pads to be sure they’ll provide the ultimate performance? Here are a few tips from the detailing experts at Lake Country Manufacturing: Do’s and Don’t of Pad Cleaning Don’t let compounds dry on the surface of the pad.  Always dry pads completely before storing in a bin or bag.  If moisture remains in pad when stored, mold can form and deteriorate the pad. Do not use heat to dry your pads.  Squeeze out the water or blot with a towel, and allow to air dry.  Heat can damage the pad surface or shrink…

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