Lake Country Microfiber Mini Pads At Work on a McLaren Senna

Sometimes, you need to reach tiny spaces when detailing. Check out our new YouTube video as Kelly Harris demonstrates the intricate polishing required on one of the most complicated shaped cars he’s ever had to work on – a McLaren Senna.   Lake Country Manufacturing  Microfiber Mini Pads are the perfect fit for this detailing challenge. Mini microfiber pads make the most of every usable surface, allowing you to access all those tough to reach areas.  Ideal for rotary, mini long throw and micropolishers. Learn more about the Mini Pads here.

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Why Choose Microfiber Pads for Detailing: Lake Country FAQ

The LC team gets a lot of questions about which pads work best for various detailing jobs.  In this new blog feature, we’ll be answering some of those Frequently Asked Questions.  Here’s the answer to one FAQ:  Why Choose Microfiber Pads for Detailing? Microfiber pads have easily become one of the most talked about and “go-to” cutting pads for DA polishers in the market. Fibrous and/or short pile fiber pads like LC microfiber pads are an effective and efficient choice in the paint correction process.  Lake Country Manufacturing has the only 3 pad microfiber system in the industry that uses a specific…

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