The Rise of the Microfiber Pad

The continuous quest for efficiency pushes us as innovators to explore new materials, investigate new designs, and develop new products. This is more evident here at Lake Country Manufacturing than anywhere else, especially since our tagline is literally "Innovation to Make Life Easier." This is why our microfiber pads have drastically increased in popularity! Always Setting the Standard In the early 1980’s, Lake Country developed and produced some of the first foam buffing pads to be found in the United States market. This marked a seismic change in the automotive, marine, composite, and aeronautical industries. Traditional wool pads finally had...

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How to Remove Swirls and Scratches

Between the stages of sanding, compounding, buffing and polishing, the one key factor that underpins them all is abrasion. Merriam-Webster defines abrasion as “a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction.” Abrasion occurs during all of those aforementioned stages with varying degrees of aggression, and we implement this because defects in the surface of a vehicle’s paint have one key feature – their depth. Defects vary in their depth, depending on what those defects are. Let's explore two different defects and develop an understanding of their severity before we delve into what can be done to correctly remedy them. Swirl...

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