Wool Pads – Classic or Old-fashioned?

Ah, the wool pad. Auto detailers, repairers, manufacturers, and refinishers around the world have loved, feared, and revered these natural buffing solutions since the dawn of the detailing industry itself. But now, with modern tools, techniques, and great advances in material technology, we ask the following question: Is the classic wool buffing pad done? A Brief Wool Introduction Wool buffing pads began as an inexpensive and durable buffing solution, while still having rather primitive qualities. Modern detailers recoil in horror when they discover that initial designs of wool pads were attached directly to a rotary spindle by a bolt in...

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Top 5 Most Common Paint Defects & Techniques to Remove Them

Too often, beginning detailers generalize any visual discrepancy on the finish of an automobile as a “paint defect.” While they are not wrong, they are only 50% right. Paint defects are visual discrepancies; however, different discrepancies require different correction techniques. While all paint defects may require compounding and polishing to abrade paint material until the surface flaws are removed, understanding the different paint defects and how to use an exponential process to efficiently correct them as a detailer is vital. Let’s begin with an understanding of the top five most common paint defects and the best techniques used to eliminate...

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