The Secrets of Wool Pads: Sourcing Materials and Fabrication

Lake Country Manufacturing sold its first-ever natural sheepskin wool pad in 1977, and the fact that professionals have relied on us for cutting, compounding, and polishing ever since makes us immensely proud. Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop a wide variety of many unique wool pads throughout the years that meet a plethora of challenges faced by detailers in an ever-changing industry. Twisted, Tufted, Knitted, Foamed… What Does It All Mean? One of the major options we have introduced is the choice of steamed (modern) versus un-steamed (traditional) wool in our tufted wool pad line-up. Unsteamed wool...

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Top 5 Detailing Tools for Beginners

Detailing; is it an art, a science, or a bit of both? Whatever your opinion, we all know that detailers worldwide just want to get the best possible results as effectively and efficiently as possible. With that in mind, Kelly Harris, our new Global Director of Training, explains how getting the basics right will quickly set you on a path to detailing nirvana, and it begins with what's in your toolbox. "First," Kelly explains, "it's important to understand that nothing beats education and experience when it comes to getting great results. Taking classes will be a huge help, and while...

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