Lake Country Manufacturing at Gtechniq Serum Summit 2019

The Gtechniq Serum Summit is being held again this year in Atlanta, and the Lake Country Manufacturing team will be there all weekend.  Lake Country pads are a perfect match for use in ceramic coating and detailing.  Lots of Gtechniq Accredited Installers rely on LCpads to get the perfect mirror finish. Have a question about the best pads to use for ceramic paint protection or just wondering the best combinations to get great results? Our experts can help – they’ll be on hand doing demos and answering questions throughout the Serum Summit. Our Product Manager and Detailing Expert David Patterson…

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Pad Cleaning Tips: Lake Country Foam Pads

Lake Country Manufacturing foam pads are an essential part of many professional detailing shops.  Many detailers wonder about the best way to clean foam pads. You’ll see lots of opinions and detailer cleaning techniques on Instagram and Facebook.   Here’s what the pros at Lake Country team recommend to best take care of your LC foam pads: Tips for Longevity Always make sure your pads are completely DRY before storing them in a bin or bag.  If the pad’s not 100% dry, mold can form and deteriorate the foam pad. When switching pads during polishing, toss the soiled pad in a…

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