How to Remove Swirls and Scratches

Between the stages of sanding, compounding, buffing and polishing, the one key factor that underpins them all is abrasion. Merriam-Webster defines abrasion as “a wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction.” Abrasion occurs during all of those aforementioned stages with varying degrees of aggression, and we implement this because defects in the surface of a vehicle’s paint have one key feature – their depth. Defects vary in their depth, depending on what those defects are. Let's explore two different defects and develop an understanding of their severity before we delve into what can be done to correctly remedy them. Swirl...

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System 4000 Pad Washer

It’s here, System 4000 Pad Washer! The System 4000 Pad Washer featuring Pure Flo® technology is the latest generation of our pad washer that effortlessly cleans foam, wool and microfiber polishing pads. Notable Improvements: Pure Flo® Technology keeps your cleaning solution and contaminated water in separated basins to ensure the purest water is being used in your pad cleaning process Improved Carrying Handle that helps carry the bucket and balance the unit more effectively Redesigned Wash Plate for increased durability combined with brand-new sealing technology Improved Pump Design eliminates pressure loss while reducing clogging and obstructions Modified Open-Top to decrease...

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