Spec Spot Repair I

How many times have we looked over our vehicles while washing them, and looked at that same tiny littlespecspot01 spot and just brushed it off as no big deal. In the photo above, please take notice of a small spot on the fender of a 2003 Jeep Sport Wrangler. This tiny spot has progressively gone from a spot, barely noticeable, to one that now requires some attention. In this blog we will track our progression of how we will attack this spot with ordinary home shop tools, and some supplies we purchased from online sellers.

Up close, this seemingly spot looks fairly friendly – fact is we now see another smaller spot below. During this blog we will take step by step photos showing how to completely remove the blemish, protect the surface from the rust reoccurring, prime, base, clear and buff the finish so the repair is un-noticeable – all with popular, common hand tools.

Spec Spot Repair_2








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