1932 Duesenberg

Lake Country’s own David Patterson had the opportunity to work with Connor Harrison of CH Detailing to prepare a 1932 Duesenberg for the Mecum Auction last year. If you aren’t familiar with a Duesenberg, it’s well worth spending a little to read about or look at them.  Some might say it was the classiest or elegant car made, and it would b e hard to argue that too.  They were just beautiful to look at, and an iconic vehicle of automotive history.  This specific Duese was one that sat in a barn for years before needing to be prepped for resale. …

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1932 Ferrari Drogo Sport 1 of 1

Our own David Patterson is always testing or detailing something, and quite a few times have teamed up with another great detailer for some of our projects. It was an honor and pleasure, as usual, to work alongside of Connor Harrison of CH Detailing. This Ferrari Drogo spot was built by another coachwork company than the others, and is a 1 of 1 car.  This Drogo Sport has been restored, and the paint was in decent condition overall, but had many random defect, along with some much-needed rock chip repair. For this vehicle, we performed the following: Washed and clay…

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