Pad Cleaning Tips: Lake Country Foam Pads

Lake Country Manufacturing foam pads are an essential part of many professional detailing shops.  Many detailers wonder about the best way to clean foam pads. You’ll see lots of opinions and detailer cleaning techniques on Instagram and Facebook.   Here’s what the pros at Lake Country team recommend to best take care of your LC foam pads:

Tips for Longevity

  • Always make sure your pads are completely DRY before storing them in a bin or bag.  If the pad’s not 100% dry, mold can form and deteriorate the foam pad.
  • When switching pads during polishing, toss the soiled pad in a bucket with water to help soften the built up residue and compound to keep it from drying on the pad.  When your detailing job is complete, clean up will be much easier than if the pads are left to dry.

Pad Cleaning Tips

  • We don’t recommend using a pressure washer or high pressure compressed air to clean foam pads, as these methods can damage the foam pad or reduce its longevity.
  • Snappy Clean Boost™ Pad Cleaning Powder, is a concentrated cleaner that releases wax and polish from the foam or wool pads with just a few minutes of soaking.  It keeps pads clean, soft, and supple.  Snappy Clean Boost is also Bio-degradable, non-flammable, and rinses out easily.

Preferred Cleaning Method for Foam Detailing Pads

  • Option One:  Use the Lake Country Manufacturing System 2000 or 3000 pad washer  
  • Option Two: Washing Machine
    • Wash 10 or less pads at a time in a standard washing machine- through the WASH cycle only.
    • Remove pads from the washing machine promptly after wash cycle is complete – DO NOT allow to SPIN
    • Pads can be damaged or ruined if left in the washing machine through the spin cycle, or if more than 10 pads are cleaned at once.
    • Use Snappy Clean Boost pad cleaner in washer.
    • Set to Gentle Cycle.
    • Use cold and warm water only.  Hot water can shrink velcro loop.
    • Air Dry

Properly cleaned pads last longer and perform better.  Follow us on YouTube  Instagram and Facebook for more detailing tips and tricks.  You can also sign up for our detailer newsletter below.


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