LC Power Tools Introduces New UDO Pad Line to Complement the 5-in-1 UDOS 51E

Newly Designed 3 Pad System

LC Power Tools introduces an all-new UDO pad line designed and engineered by Lake Country Manufacturing to provide maximum performance on the new UDOS 51E .  The simple 3 pad system includes a micro wool cutting pad (cream), foam light cutting pad (olive) and a foam polishing pad (khaki).  Each of the new 5 inch UDO pads work using any of UDOS 51E’s cutting and polishing settings, including 12, 15 and 21 mm DA and rotary.  

The two new UDO foam pads have an exclusive foam formulation and a unique shape to work on the UDOS 51E in all three DA polishing modes as well as the rotary cutting and polishing settings.  The UDO micro wool pad was developed from the ground up, utilizing yarns, sewing processes and technical specs to put it in a league of its own.

Engineered Taper Profile

The UDO pads have an all-new Engineered Taper Profile that provides a unique user feel along with outstanding performance. Whether rotary polishing or DA polishing with UDOS 51E, the exclusive Engineered Taper Profile always provides flexibility, maneuverability, and user features unlike any other pad.

The multi-tiered shape provides better distribution of the downward pressure with less cupping or bowing of the pad.  Whether doing detailed edge work or overall panel correction with the UDOS 51E, the exclusive UDO pads remain flexible for use on both concave and convex areas with precision. In fact, the UDO pads offer the features of a tapered pad by allowing easier access and the ability to reach tighter areas, while continuing to offer the protection and support of the backing plate.  

Active Rebound Technology

LC Power Tools UDO pads also utilize an all new, exclusive LC foam designed to create a smooth user experience unrivaled by other pads.  A new Active Rebound Technology used in UDO pads creates a buoyant effect and constant pressure feel to increase effectiveness. This groundbreaking technology provides feedback to the user who can adjust downward pressure and technique to achieve results not available with other pads on the market. 

The buoyant feel provides a reduction of softening and collapsing of the foam or pad, optimizing performance and rotation and consistency on both flat and curved panels. 
Finally, the Active Rebound Technology allows UDO pads to break down polish easily and finish perfectly, regardless of climate or region.The refined foam formulation reduces splattering and keeps more polish on the pad.

Launch Update

The new pad line, along with the new UDOS 51E professional polisher, will be shipping to distributors in Spring 2020.  

“We’re excited to bring this all-new line of UDO pads to market to provide maximum performance for the UDOS 51E.  The Engineered Taper Profile combined with the UDO pad line’s exclusive foam technology provides an active response and rebound user experience unlike any other pad line,”states Jay Schneider, founder/president of LC Power Tools.

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