“Forced Rotation” Polishers & Pads

Forced rotation that combines both, rotating and orbiting motions that are gear driven.  The rotation motion is generated by a drive head much like a rotary polisher.  The motion that is created is much like the motion of a random orbit, but the motion cannot be stopped because the spindle rotates on a gear set or is locked in place which prevents the free spinning motion.  These types of tools are often referred to as a “hybrid” tool because they offer the nonstop action of a rotary polisher combined with the motion and ease of use as a random orbital polisher.  Unlike a rotary tool that requires hours of practice to perfect, a forced rotation tool allows an entry level user to get professional results with minimum risk of damaging a vehicles surface.  To get the best results possible, it helps to match every tool with the right pads.

For forced rotation tools Lake Country Manufacturing recommends the use of Force Pads for maximum results which are made with Hybrid foams that are specifically engineered with small cells and dense construction to keep abrasives in the chemicals close to the surface of the pad.  This results in faster correction time as more polish stays on the working surface rather than being absorbed into the foam.


Force Pads consist of durable construction to hold up to the vigor’s of forced rotation tools.  These pads are thick and dense to support the weight of the machine as well as the downward pressure applied by the user.  The cell structure, firmness and center hole allow for proper ventilation to help retain optimum operating temperature to maximize performance.  Not all pads are created equal so always make sure to use the right pads with the right tools for the best results.


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