Ferrari 458 Speciale

Our very own David Patterson teamed up with Connor Harrison to work on this Ferrari458 Speciale Aperta. This vehicle is special for a number of reasons. The first being that the Speciale is an upgrade or “challenge version” of the standard 458 Italia. The Speciale is a tuned and modified 458, with upgraded/stiffer suspension, increased horsepower output, and overall lighter weight. Some of the weight savings are due to some carbon bits, but also lack of creature comforts, that most of us are now accustomed to.  The Speciale has no navigation or audio at all, along with no glove box/storage. Along with all of these features, the Speciale has an advanced handling and slip control called SSC that uses data to help maximize the handling per your driving style, skill, or technique.  What makes the “Aperta” different?  The fact that it is a limited number car, and has a motorized removable top.  Due to the rarity of this car, the value has significantly increased due to its demand.  Most of the work done on this vehicle was done with the new Microfiber and HDO blue pads, and was able to achieve a great finish without any haze or marring.

Our own David Patterson is always testing or detailing something, and quite a few times have teamed up with another great detailer for some of our projects. It was an honor and pleasure, as usual, to work alongside of Connor Harrison of CH Detailing.  You can check out both Connor and Dave’s work on their website or Facebook Pages.  Connor is based in Madison, where Dave is closer to Milwaukee.

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