Detail Fest 2017

DETAIL FEST 2017 Autogeeks Detail Fest is the largest detailing event in the country and has been a staple in the detail community for over a decade now.  This year was the 12th annual, but first year growing outside the Autogeek property grounds and was held at the Palm Beach Convention Center. The event was amazing as usual, and can’t thank the team over at Autogeek enough for all of their hard work and preparation for this event.   The 2nd Annual Detailers Cup was held at Detail Fest again this year, and was filmed for the Competition Ready TV…

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“Forced Rotation” Polishers & Pads

Forced rotation that combines both, rotating and orbiting motions that are gear driven.  The rotation motion is generated by a drive head much like a rotary polisher.  The motion that is created is much like the motion of a random orbit, but the motion cannot be stopped because the spindle rotates on a gear set or is locked in place which prevents the free spinning motion.  These types of tools are often referred to as a “hybrid” tool because they offer the nonstop action of a rotary polisher combined with the motion and ease of use as a random orbital polisher….

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