Amelia Island Re-Run Episode

Tune in this Friday at 7:30pm ET on Velocity for Competition Ready!

On this episode Bob gets a call from AMELIA ISLAND veteran, DOC MORTON who needs some immediate assistance getting his ’33 Rolls Royce Phantom II ready for the big concours—which is just a few days away.  Bob rallies Mike and a crack team of surface experts to swoop in and save the day—bringing Doc’s classic marque up to AMELIA ISLAND standards.  Working at Doc’s private residence, the team has only a handful of hours to get the car ready, before it is loaded on a hauler and taken to the event.

Episode Teaser:[easy-tweet tweet=”Amelia Island Re-Run on Velocity TONIGHT!” user=”via@lakecountrymanufacturing” hashtags=”#Velocity, #CompetitionReady, #LakeCountryMfg, #MikePhillips, #DocMorton, #Autogeek, #LCPads, #RollsRoycePhantomII”]



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