Polishing in Tight Spaces – Top 5 Questions to Consider

If you’re looking to achieve professional quality results, car polishing demands patience and commitment. Polishing to improve an automobile’s appearance is relatively easy – but polishing to perfection is an entirely different situation, one which requires considerable effort, time, and specialty equipment. When faced with the decision on where to allocate those valuable resources, tight scoops, louvres, vents, and channels tend to be overlooked by detailers since they are usually the least visible parts on a car under normal, day-to-day conditions. However, if you’re aiming for a truly high-end correction detail, you’ve got to get in there and make it...

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Top Tips for Ultimate Refinement and the Perfect Gloss

Polishing your car with a machine is a fundamental and enjoyable part of detailing, providing that ‘freshly polished shine’ we all know and love. But to achieve that desired maximum glossy result by polishing a car, meticulous time must be spent. Machine polishing is an abrasive detailing process. Even during the refining and jeweling polishing stages, where we’re happy the swirl marks and other surface defects are gone, we still use abrasion to create a paint finish that appears flawless to the human eye under normal conditions. For most car owners, that’s a totally satisfying result! But for many detailing...

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