“Forced Rotation” Polishers & Pads

Forced rotation that combines both, rotating and orbiting motions that are gear driven.  The rotation motion is generated by a drive head much like a rotary polisher.  The motion that is created is much like the motion of a random orbit, but the motion cannot be stopped because the spindle rotates on a gear set or is locked in place which prevents the free spinning motion.  These types of tools are often referred to as a “hybrid” tool because they offer the nonstop action of a rotary polisher combined with the motion and ease of use as a random orbital polisher….

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1932 Duesenberg

Lake Country’s own David Patterson had the opportunity to work with Connor Harrison of CH Detailing to prepare a 1932 Duesenberg for the Mecum Auction last year. If you aren’t familiar with a Duesenberg, it’s well worth spending a little to read about or look at them.  Some might say it was the classiest or elegant car made, and it would b e hard to argue that too.  They were just beautiful to look at, and an iconic vehicle of automotive history.  This specific Duese was one that sat in a barn for years before needing to be prepped for resale. …

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