Rusty Paint Repair – Something Anyone Can Fix VI

We now have a properly welded, rebuilt, sealed and primed the repaired area. Next step is to sand the high build primer to a finished look using 320 – 400grit sand paper. Provided there is enough primer on the surface, I like to start this process with a higher cut, (320), and finish with 400. The trick to sanding high build, 2k urethane primers is to be certain the sandpaper’s surface never gets the chance to load with sanding dust. Loaded paper will always have less cut which will lead to an uneven finish. I like to parallel this action…

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Rusty Paint Repair – Something Anyone Can Repair V

  (1)                     (2)                                                                                                                           (3) Refining your work – this is where your true craftsman like qualities will be exposed. Spend the extra time perfecting your talents in this area as the finished product will definitely expose any body work short comings. As can be seen in the photos above, it pays off to perfect your metalworking skills. Photo one still shows some pinholes in the wheel well. Grind the weld back down and re-apply a new bead of good metal. Make sure all aspects of the repair area are addressed….

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