Scuff Ball Use III

SCUFF BALL USE BLOG III Once the surface has been degreased, we can proceed to tape off the wheel. This will protect the rubber tire from harmful petroleum distillates’ which could degrade the rubber. Taping in of itself is an art form! It literally takes years to perfect the process of laying down tape in a fashion whereby a line is straight, the curve matches its surroundings all still being able to do its function. This particular job is no different. Taping around the rim in a circular fashion and allowing the tape to lay down on top of the…

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Scuff Ball Use II

A SIMPLE RUSTY WHEEL RESTO After the wheel has been thoroughly cleaned by washing it with a good degreasing soap, ( and allowed to dry), it is time to start prepping for paint. Through the years Lake Country Manufacturing  has been known for its innovative product offerings and the Scuff Ball tops the list as one of our best sellers at O’Reilly Auto Parts. The Scuff Ball is made from multiple layers of “Scotch Brite tm” type material cut into round disks with slits on the end to mimic human hand fingers.  It is then stacked and compressed in the…

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