Spec Spot Repair II

Rust spots can be deceiving…..especially when there are a lot of unknowns. These unknowns aren’t particularly seen until one starts the restoration process by sanding the surface. Start by cleaning the surface with a good prep-solvent and a clean rag. This process will strip the surface from any silicones, wax or contaminants. This is done to prevent these contaminants from becoming imbedded in the paint surface during the sanding process. As you sand, the sharp edges of the sand paper aggregate abrade the finish – it is during this process that these sharp edges can force un-cleaned surface contaminants down…

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Spec Spot Repair I

How many times have we looked over our vehicles while washing them, and looked at that same tiny little spot and just brushed it off as no big deal. In the photo above, please take notice of a small spot on the fender of a 2003 Jeep Sport Wrangler. This tiny spot has progressively gone from a spot, barely noticeable, to one that now requires some attention. In this blog we will track our progression of how we will attack this spot with ordinary home shop tools, and some supplies we purchased from online sellers. Up close, this seemingly spot…

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