Spec Spot Repair IV

We now get down to the nitty gritty of our repair. If not done properly, all of our previous work will show through our repaired area if it has not been done correctly. One particular trick I have learned over the years is to briskly run your hand over the repaired area while trying to detect and feel any bumps, waves and or surface defects. Remember, now is the time to discriminate the area prior to proceeding with the color coat. If it becomes necessary to do more filling , re-sand the area with 220 to 320 grit sandpaper and…

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Spec Spot Repair III

Once the sanding process is complete, wipe area thoroughly with a prep solvent to remove, degrease and leave surface free of any contaminates. At this stage it is very easy to inspect the rust spot for any pitting which must be addressed prior to moving forward with our process. Unfortunately in this case tiny pits were found which lead us to a grinding process that eventually blew us right through the fender! A few spots to now get the welder out and re-weld the holes shut. We proceeded to weld and grind the steel flat as to hide the spot…

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