Double Sided Wool Pads

6-inch and 8-inch Steamed wool pad and a variety pile heights to accomplish all your buffing needs.

U.S. Patent

What is the difference between Steamed and Un-Steamed pads?

By steaming the wool, the tufted wool yarn strands bloom with heat and moisture, providing a full, plush feeling. Un-Steamed wool pads the strands of wool are sewn tighter together resulting in more wool in the pad.


  • Larger strand – During the steaming process, the strands bloom and swell , making the strand look visually wider.
  • Less Initial Blow off – One of the results of steaming the wool is that it helps to reduce the amount of wool that initially sheds from the pad.
  • Highly Engineered Center plate – Center plate designed to withstand the vigors of heavy industrial use yet flexible to get into tight corners without breaking

Part NumberProduct NameDimensionsAttachment MethodImageBuying Options
15-520Double Sided Untwisted Wool Cutting Pad6" x 1"Bolt On WHERE TO BUY
35-220Double Sided Wool Cutting Pad6" x 1"Bolt On WHERE TO BUY
35-550Double Sided Wool Polishing Pad6" x 1"Bolt On WHERE TO BUY
35-555Yellow Twisted 40/60 Wool/Acrylic Double Sided Polishing Pad8" x 1 1/2"Bolt On WHERE TO BUY


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