Wool Balls

Industrial grade, 100% Twisted Wool ball is great for contour buffing in automotive, marine and aviation industries.

Industrial Grade Construction

100% 4 ply twisted wool for cutting action. Rubber core for long-lasting durability. Carbon steel hex shaft prevents slippage. Compatible with standard quick connect systems.


  • Contour Buffing – Buff surfaces and angles regular wool pads cannot.
  • Versatile – Ideal for fiberglass molds, gel coats, composites, metals and painted surfaces.
  • Multi-Industry Applications – Composite, marine, automotive, aviation and household.

Part NumberProduct NameDimensionsAttachment MethodImageBuying Options
81-1034 Ply 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Ball3" x 1" BallDrill WHERE TO BUY
81-1454 Ply 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Ball5" x 1" BallDrill WHERE TO BUY


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