Kompressor DA Pads

Kompressor pads made exclusively for use on DA or Random Orbital machines.

What is a Kompressor Pad?

Kompressor Pad System™ slotted face constantly adjusts to changing surface contours creating a more consistent finish.


  • Pad Construction – Foam is contour cut into a semi-arched shape.  The pad face is then slotted in two directions while the foam remains in a non-compressed state.  The pad flattens when affixed to the hook backing plate, compressing the foam and creating a dense working fac
  • Slotted Pad Face – Constantly adjusts to surface contours providing a more consistent finish; More usable surface area than flat pads; Easy to clean
  • Sweet Spot – Holds polish on pad longer than flat pads; Extends pad life by reducing foam breakdown; Less polish sling


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