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Backing Plates

Grip Easy Flexible Backing Plates
Choose from the full line of Lake Country Mfg. molded urethane backing plates.
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Foam Pads

CCS Technology
Conventional foam pads absorb polish too quickly. This reduces polish and pad performance because most of the polish is trapped below the working surface of the pad. CCS Technology™ solves this common problem using strategic patterns of partially closed foam cells.
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Cool Wave CCS
Get the Best of Two Superior Designs - We’ve combined the proven benefits of CCS Technology™ with a new “cool wave” profile. Cool Wave is a series of mini-waves or ripples over the entire face of the pad along with strategic patterns of CCS pockets.
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Curved Edge VC Foam Pads
Cutting, polishing and finishing system. Choose the right foam for the job with our patented variable contact (VC) pad system.
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D.A. Foam Pads
Designed for use with D.A. orbital sanders and polishers to remove surface defects without creating swirl marks. Constructed with an advanced bonding system developed in Germany, the Velcro® loop withstands increased friction heat created by the orbital action of these tools.
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HD Orbital Pads
Cool running Dual Density allows pads to run cooler while used on a long stroke machine
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Kompressor Pad System
Features "Sweet Spot" of compressed foam.
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Tufted Foam Pads
Choose the right foam for the job and avoid cross-polish contamination with our multi-color system.
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Waffle Pro Pads

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Pad Cleaning Accessories

System 2000 Padwasher
Cleans and Conditions pads in Under 30 Seconds!
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System 3000 / System 3000D Padwasher
System 3000D™ is the first self-contained pad cleaning system that filters and recycles cleaning solution to continuously reduce polish contaminants
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Specialty Products

GPS Pro and Plastic Pro Systems
GPS Pro Glass Polishing System and Plastic Pro Professional Plastic Restoration System
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Scuff-Ball Power Scuffing System
Power Scuffing ... replaces labor intensive and time consuming hand scuffing. Fits any drill or die grinder.
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ULTI-MIT™ and ULTI-MIT Scrubber™
The ultimate wash mitt and scrubbing mitt on the market today.
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Advanced microfiber system designed to remove moderate paint imperfections while leaving a swirl-free, ultra-gloss finish.
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Wool Pads

Foamed Wool Buffing and Polishing Pads
Increased density. Ideal for high production OEM/ Industrial applications!
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