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Variable Contact (VC) Pad

Variable Contact (VC) Pad

U.S. Patent 6,044,512 

What do we mean by variable contact?
Lake Country's patented design features a "stepped, concave" buffing surface that varies the level of pad-to-surface contact depending on the pressure applied by the operator.


  • Improved operator control – Ability to vary pad pressure allows the operator to “work” the compounds and polishes for the desired results.
  • Eliminates Splatter and Waste – As the pad rotates, polishes and compounds migrate toward the center of the pad, virtually eliminating splatter and waste of expensive compounds.  Especially effective on vertical surfaces.
  • Ideal for Tight Spaces – The profile of the curved edge pad is great for buffing around objects in tight spaces.  The recessed back prevents contact between the backing plate and the working surface.

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