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Leather Care - Part 2

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Buffing Techniques.
February 29, 2012

In part one of leather cleaning; I discussed the initial steps prior to deep cleaning the leather.  Once that step is complete, spray the cleaner mix onto the leather seats.  After it is sprayed on, agitate it with a soft brush in a circular motion.  Divide the seats into quadrants and do one section at a time.  Once it is agitated with the soft brush and cleaning solution, take an old clean towel or microfiber towel and wipe off any excess.  If the leather is really dirty, use the steamer with a microfiber towel wrapped around the steam head and rub it against the seat.  Steam is an excellent cleaner and the towel absorbs the dirt trapped in the leather.  After doing the seating surface, do the same with the back and the sides of the seat which are most of the time vinyl.  When the seats are completely clean, place a fan in the vehicle and let it sit for 2-3 hours for it to completely dry.  Once the seat is dry, then it is time to go to the next step and condition the leather to get it to the “like new” feeling and look again.

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