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Winter Protection

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Buffing Techniques.
September 6, 2011

I have been asked lately by enthusiasts, “Scott, what is your favorite wax? Winter is coming around the bend and I’d like to give my baby addition protection by giving her a wax job. Any suggestions?”


Well by now you probably have guessed my answer – If you are going to take the time to “throw” a coat of wax on, do it right the first time and “forget about it”. Don’t cut corners. What is meant by this is try to remove as many defects, by compounding the surface, as you can that are within your capabilities. For example – if you are rotary savvy, remove the deeper scratches and swirls. If not, move to a random orbital polisher or a DA buffer where damage risk is kept to a minimum. Removing defects will not only bring a higher level of gloss, but allow the wax or wax type product of your choice a chance to maximize its performance by giving it a sound foundation. It can be proven; a flatter surface will outperform a rough surface in many categories - shine being one of them. Tall skyscrapers cannot be considered strong without a good foundation – your vehicles finish is no different. Welding a strong structure is only as good as its layout, clamping and welding technique. Don’t fall short when it comes to your vehicles surface – addressing and properly executing a good regimen will reward you back tenfold and be less work in the long run!


Keep the Blue Skies Up and Happy Motoring!



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