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Minor Rust Repair - Part 2

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Automotive.
June 2, 2010


Figure 2

Rust removal is basic, but in my opinion very necessary. There are products available for purchase that claim rust can be neutralized, sealed or stop by simply coating them. While this may be well and good, nothing beats a thorough rust removal for maximum longevity of the substrate. In figure two, we are using a high speed micro grinder with a cut off wheel to do the honors of removing the rust. Care must be taken to prevent cutting through the panel, but do diligence is also key in order to remove the rust to the best of your ability. The narrow cut off wheel is an excellent tool to really get down into the pits and finesse them out.


Figure 3


Once the pitted rust has been removed, general scuffing of the surrounding area is preferred to prepare the surface for a primer. This was accomplished by 1) wiping the area with a Prep-Solvent to remove any grease, oil or wax, then 2) Using our patented drill powered Scuff-Ball- see Figure 3. Next, outside of this general scuffed area, wet sand an area past the scuffed area about 3 inches with 1000 – 1200 grit paper. This area will be used towards the end of this process for clear coat blending.


My next blog installment will cover body fillers, welding or repair as well as priming.


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