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Winter Glass Maintenance

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Buffing Techniques.
February 15, 2010


In the winter months, maintaining the glass on your automobile can be difficult.  The most common problem is streaking on the inside and outside of the glass, especially on the windshield.  A good preventative measure is to do the following:

  1. Wash the car with a touch less wash
  2. If possible, pull into the garage or somewhere out of the elements.
  3. Re-wash glass with a glass cleaner and microfiber towel
  4. Clay all outside glass completely.
  5. Re-wash glass again to remove any residue from claying
  6. Apply a gel glass sealant to glass for added protection.
  7. Clean wipers with 50/50 mix of isopropyl alcohol and water, using a paper towel.

Doing these steps should prevent streaking of the glass, help wipers perform better and keep a cleaner windshield.


Eric Dunn

Account Manager

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