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Tire and Rim Cleaning

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Buffing Techniques.
January 15, 2010

When washing a vehicle, it is always important to clean the tires and rims.  Usually the tires and rims are cleaned first before the body of the vehicle.  By doing this, the tire dirt doesn’t splash on the vehicle.


To clean the tires, spray with some cleaner, then scrub with a brush to remove dirt and brake dust from tire.  Rinse dust off then do rim.


The first step in cleaning the rims is making sure they are cool to the touch.  Never clean a rim when hot.  The cleaners may “cook” onto the rim instead of clean them.  Rinse the rims down.  Using an all purpose cleaner (Simple Green), liberally spray on the rims.  After spraying, let it dwell for a minute, then rinse.  If still dirty, spray again and agitate with a soft brush.


There are many tire and rim cleaners on the market.  Make sure when purchasing one it will not damage your particular rim and or tire.


Eric Dunn

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