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Bumper Scuff Repair - Part 2

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October 1, 2009

Priming the surface

Proper preparation to the working surface insures a good paint bond. There are several products on the market designed to accomplish this task. The idea here is to remove any surface contaminants which could alter paint adhesion. These products come in non-toxic water based versions as well as petroleum based forms so choose the one that best fits your ideology.

Thoroughly wipe the surface, (FIGURE1) being certain you have not overlooked any areas and let the surface dry. Good practice is to tack the surface as well by wiping the area down with a tack cloth removing any dust particles. Start masking the surface by laying down a quality “Painters Grade” tape around the area being primed. Allow yourself some fudge room by taping out at least 4” in every direction form the center of the defect. This fudge room factor allows you to blend the repaired area into the non-repaired area rendering the repair unnoticeable.  

Wiping the surface



Mix the primer per manufactures specifications or shake the rattle can thoroughly to mix the primer. Follow the manufactures recommendations for application of the primer. The particular primer we used here is DuPont 2K High build Urethane primer mixed to a 4 to 1 ratio. We start by applying a light tack coat followed by consecutive medium coats building the repaired area up with primer. The idea here is to build the primer up, only later sanding it down, feathering the edges of the repaired area rendering the repair unnoticeable.

Applying the primer



Apply primer using even strokes, (FIGURE2) trying to avoid uneven paint build-up. In the case of the primer used in this blog, the flash time between coats is 10-15 minutes. Full cure time requires a minimum of 2 hours prior to sanding.

Priming finished

Finished and primed ready for blend sanding!

Next up? Blending the repair by sanding the primer.

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