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Car Detailing - Soaps

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Buffing Techniques.
August 14, 2009

There are many myths about soap for washing cars.  Some people suggest to not using dish soap, some suggest using them.  Many car soaps on the market are designed to clean a car without stripping wax on the vehicle.  Some car soaps are stronger than dish soaps and actually can be worse.  Most over the counter soaps are pretty good at doing what they are designed to do; some suds up more than others, some leave a “wax-like” finish when dried.  If a car is really dirty, it could be washed with an all-purpose cleaner, which in most cases will remove everything off of the car.  If an all-purpose cleaner is used the vehicle should then be waxed for protection.  For normal, everyday use to keep the car clean, I would suggest using a good, quality soap.  Remember, you get what you pay for.


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