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Purple Foamed Wool vs. Hybrid Foamed Wool

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Wool Pads.
May 30, 2012

Many people have asked what the difference is between the Purple Foamed Wool and the Hybrid Foamed Wool.  Lets just start by saying that both products are both knitted products with a “Foaming” process done to them in the bottom portion of the pad.  The “Foaming“ process maintains the fibers to stand up and not fold over while doing any type of polishing or compounding.  If the fibers lay down, this may induce swirls into the surface that you are polishing.  The Purple Foamed Wool has the bottom 1/3 of the pad foamed so when working with it, it has more cushion than a conventional pad.  The new Hybrid Foamed Wool has more foam in the bottom of the pad and is also knit closer together to make it more dense.  These pads can polish with minimal pressure or can compound with more pressure.  Either choice, you cannot go wrong.

Eric Dunn

Account Manager

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