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Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Pad Care.
November 16, 2009

Lake Country Manufacturing receives many requests on how to maintain and clean foam and wool pads.  If you are using a rotary polisher, I would suggest using the System 2000 Pad washer.  It has a special designed spur set-up that works off the speed of the buffer and operates a pump that washes and spurs at the same time with our Snappy Clean, a biodegradable solution. 


If you are using smaller pads, the best way to clean pads is to take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with approx. 3 gallons of hot water.  For the cleaning solution, use either the Snappy Clean solution or a cup of an All-Purpose Cleaner (i.e. Simple Green, etc).  Dump the cleaner into hot water.  Once you are done with the pads or they become saturated with polish, throw the pads into the mixture and let sit for about 30 minutes.  After 30 minutes, agitate the pads in the solution with your hand, squeezing water through them to breakdown the polishes trapped in the pores of the foam.  After they have been agitated for 2-3 min, take them out of the bucket and wring them out.  Then use a sink or hose to thoroughly rinse the pads out to remove any leftover solution/polish.  Once they are wrung out, place the pad between 2 towels and squeeze to remove extra water.  Let the pads completely dry before using the next time.


Also, the clean pads are to be placed in sandwich bags, once completely dry, to prevent dirt or debris from landing on or embedding in the pad.


Eric Dunn

Account Manager

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