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Paint Scratches

Posted by Jay Schneider. Filed under Paint.
March 1, 2010

Millions of dollars have been made through the years presenting a “Paint Cure All” to those whose paint is less than stellar. I thought I’d take a few moments to dispel any rumors floating around on filling scratches with Doctor Medicine Shows Fire water for paint.

First off, it is important to know where you need to start. One needs to determine whether or not the scratch has violated the clear coat depth, base coat depth and or the primer depth – or in the case of single stage paints, the top coat. The reason being is that violation of the base coat and or primer would require as close to a complete repaint as one could get. That is sanding, re-priming, base and clearing the repair. However, deep swirls, minor scratches and blemishes can be “hidden” - at least for a while.

Many Polish & Sealants/Waxes available contain certain oils which have a tendency to fill in the swirls and scratches making them less apparent - only to be eventually washed out thus re-exposing the scratch. Wonder paint sticks which miraculously hide deep scratches may make the sharp edges around the scratch disappear, but the base depth still remains.  The only true way to remove scratches and scrapes is to carefully assess the surface and determine what steps are necessary to remove them permanently by buffing and polishing and not just hide them. 

Scott S. Mc Lain

Vice President

Sales & New Product Development


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